Lots of news

Hey everyone,

We didn’t update our blog in a while, so here’s what is going on right now. At first, our final tests for school are coming up, so we need to study hard for them. We think we’re all going to pass, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

About our game. It’s finished right now. We are going to upload it most likely next week, there are still some minor tweaks to do. We will of course post again when our game is finished. The “die-hard-2d-platform-gamers” are certainly going to like this game. If you like Super Meat Boy, I think you will like our game too.

Besides the production of our game, we’re also participating in a competition called “de Kunstbende”. It’s a competition for all kinds of art, Seven different categories in total. We’re participating in the category “Movie & Animation”. This year, the theme is Illusion, so we have made an animation with, of course, illusions in it. We’re going to show it Saturday next week, that would be the 26st of March. After that, we will upload it too youtube, so you guys can see it too. I hope you are going to like the animation as much as we do.

After all this, we’re going to start producing some smaller games and animations. We would like to produce games with different genres. We’ve got so many ideas, though we haven’t got enough time to make them all into large games. More smaller games would be the answer, so we’re working on that.

Stay tuned for more info!

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