Time to show off!

Hey everyone!

First of all, I would like to say that we’re really excited about having our first game on the web. Die in a carpet fire spread over gaming sites like a disease: in the first 2 days we have already had over 8,000 plays and quite some traffic to our blog. Probably not that big of a number, but at least it excites us!

Now for the fun stuff:
Show off your skills, be the fastest player!

Completing a level is one thing, but how FAST can you complete it?

We added the Kongregate API to our game, which means that now everyone with an account there, can submit their fastest times to the leaderboards! Here is how it works:

First of all, play Die in a carpet fire on Kongregate
To be able to submit, you need to complete every level in a world. When you have done that, go back to the main menu and press ‘times’. You will now see an overview of your record times on each level. If you have completed a world, press submit and the score gets uploaded to the leaderboards!

(you might need to refresh your browser to see it appear)

Furthermore, please remember to check out our blog every now and then. We’re just warming up, full of ideas, and we want to bring out new games as often as we can! Last but not least, we have made an animation for a competition and we will make it public here this Sunday.

by the way,
did anyone kick this thing’s ass yet?

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