Competition tomorrow

Hey there world!

I want to start with the fact that we are utterly astonished by the amount of pageviews our blog is getting. We almost got over 5000 views in the last 3 days, 2800 of those were today, and it’s just 4 PM here (that means 10 more hours before the day ends). Thanks to everyone for taking a look here, it really boosts our enthusiasm even further.

Now that that’s out of the way, we have another announcement to make (we have said it before, but this time it deserves it’s own post). We have entered a Dutch competition called ‘de Kunstbende’. This is a competition for people aged 13-18, to show their talents. The contest has a new theme every year, and this time it’s ‘Illusion’. There are eight different categories, and we’re participating in ‘Film & Animation’.

a screenshot of our animation (and some random photoshopping, because we can).

This means that we had to made an animation with the theme ‘Illusion’, and we did! Our animation is called ‘the Murder Paradox’, and it’s theme is an everyday problem, a common illusion: “I’m worth nothing, everyone is looking at me and they’re all forming opinions against me”. It was animated and written by Devionna and Vadinci, and features some extraordinary music and soundeffects by Positron. Tomorrow we will have to present it in front of a crowd in a regional round. If we win this round, we’ll be starring in the national finales, competing against 12 others!

We will be uploading the animation to the interwebs tomorrow, maybe before or maybe after we went on stage. If we can find any acces to the internet there, we will keep everyone up to date with what’s happening via our twitter: @NuclearTeddies (which is also the best way to be informed about upcoming projects! )

Stay tuned!

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