A teeny tiny post

Just a little post here, to share our joy with the world: We ended up first place in the regional rounds for the competition we talked about one post earlier!

You can watch the animation on Newgrounds, but please note the audio is slightly off-sync there :c  (my bad, it will get fixed soon!)
We will make sure to upload it to Youtube as well, Positron will take care of that. I’ m sure he will be so nice as to edit this post when he uploads it ;)

Also, a big ‘cheers’ to everyone else who competed ,whether they went home with or without prizes. We have seen some great singer/songwriters, bands, dancers and of course movies there!

The succeses of our first two releases in the big world sure are extremely motivating to us! Expect to see and hear much much more of us in the (near) future!

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