Workshop today

Hey guys,

Today we went to a workshop. Because we won the contest with the Murder Paradox, we were offered a workshop for making an intro to show who we are, before letting the audience see our real movie at the finals. We think it went pretty well. The workshop was offered to all finalists, so we met a lot of them. We think we’ve made a pretty good intro movie. Normally, we animate everything that we do, but since the category is Movie & Animation, we had to film ourselfs and edit the footage. Although we’re not very good in editing video’s and creating video effects ‘n stuff, we made a pretty decent video. We couldn’t take it with us, because we didn’t have a usb flash drive, but the people of the workshop promised us they would send the video to us. When we have it, we will upload it, so you can have a look ;)

Next saturday, we’re going to the contest. We’ve seen some video’s (from the finalists who did upload it to youtube), and I can say one thing, the other finalists are pretty good. I certainly hope that we’re going to win, but chances are pretty slim. We’re the only ones that made an animation instead of a regular movie. I don’t know if that’s a bad or a good thing, but at least we’re unique :).

By the way, make sure to leave a comment. Tell us what you think about our games, movies, art and music. It really means a lot to us.

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