A new challenger appears!

Hey there somebody!

There has been an epic silence on this blog for a while, and I’m here to break it! You see, there are these things going on at school called “final exams” or something, and for some reason they are thwarting our game-making progress. The first one is just four days from now, so root for us!

So these exams, along with the fact that part of the team (me) is just lazy, caused that epic silence on the blog.

However! I’m here to show you that we’re not entirely slacking off! We have a brand new game in mind, and as soon as the hard exams are over, I’ll finally start helping positron out on the engine. Then somewhat later Devionna can start on the graphics as well, and then we’re all going on vacation. The timing is terrific.

But words aren’t interesting, so here’s a kewl image by Devionna and me!

No, it’s not an xBox game :( It’s a bat-eared game addict, and he’s neck-deep in trouble!

Also, Positron made a new tune. I haven’t heard it yet, so he should totally upload it! :)

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