Back in business!

Hey everyone!

After a long long break, filled with exams, vacations and starting college life, we finally got back to what we like doing the most: making a game. Said game is still the same game that we talked about six months (!!!!!) ago, about a week or two ago we picked up development and yesterday we had a huge breakthrough in development: instead of working independently at home we all came together and smashed together a decent part of the game-to-be. This is what our set up looked like:

Just your average developing equipment

As you might have noticed there are four laptops and a screen on that picture. The big screen showed our personal to-dolists and tweetdeck, and occasionally the latest build of the game.
The fourth laptop is there because we now have four members. Our new member will soon get a proper introduction as well as his own spot on the about page.

Coming together to work like this worked out really well in our eyes, and it’s probably going to be a weekly thing. That way we hope to be able to crank out games at a much faster rate!

If you are interested in us and the games we make, do not hesitate to follow and ask questions to @nuclearteddies

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