Who are the Nuclear Teddies?

The Nuclear Teddies are a team of 4 people who make cool stuff in their free time. Think Games, animations, art, music and all possible combinations and spinoffs thereoff!

Our team’s history goes back to 2010, when Positron and Vadinci started working on their first flash game together. Devionna quickly joined the team to make some concept art. Meanwhile
we were also working on an animation for a competition. After releasing the game and the animation all three members left home to go to university, where the fourth member, Hirosjimma,became part of the team.

Now that we’re picking up steam again, we made it our goal to produce high quality material for the world to enjoy at a steady pace!


Positron is the lead programmer and composer of the Nuclear Teddies. That simple key press resulting in all kinds of awesome stuff is all thanks to him. His soundtracks add a whole new experience to our work.

After writing random game engines for years, and playing privately on the keyboard since god knows when, his talents are ready to face the world.



Trying to master all skills, Vadinci helps out wherever he is needed, be it coding an ingame level editor or smoothing up an animation. Vadinci is a jack of all trades and makes sure the creative and the technical side of everything are merged seamlessly.

Self-declared master of rythm, Vadinci will tap along with any musical piece, on rare occasions resulting in air drum sessions. Taking these skills to a real drum kit would be the logical next step.



Nuclera is the team’s main artist. All the characters are designed by her. She is the ART in “nucleAR Teddies” and gives each and every of our works a cool look.

Nuclera likes fattening small rodents, because “it makes them cuter”. We feel sorry for her pet but there is not much we can do for him. Deserts are the only reason she even eats diner. Has a strange passion for Domos, “llamasheep” and other things that could be considered ‘fluffy’.

Protip: do NOT use the word “icecream” in her presence.


The latest addition to the team, Hirosjimma is in charge of designing the levels and objects in a game. He will make sure that our games are approachable for all audiences but still rewarding for the more dedicated players.

Engineering student by day, professional photographer by night: Hirosjimma’s artsy side
is often combined with a large amount of text in the local newspapers!

Protip: do NOT combine with ethanol.