A long time ago…

In a galaxy near you!
It’s a period of low activity.

Rebel students, striking from a new home where the majority of the team now lives together, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic procrastination.

During the battle, rebel spies managed to steal secret motivation to defeat the procrastination’s ultimate weapon, the LAZY STAR, an armored space station with enough power to make an entire planet do nothing, FOREVER!

Pursued by the procrastination’s sinister agents, Prince Hirosjimma races home aboard his starship, custodian of the last motivation that can save his people and restore freedom to the galaxy….

Yes you’re right, this means we are finally working on a new game again and I finally found the courage to introduce myself to you. Hi there, I’m Hirosjimma and this is some concept art of the new game we’re working on.



Still alive

I gave the blog a visual make over! You now enter on a home page giving you a warm welcome and showing a nice overview of what we’re currently working on, as well as our 3 latest finished projects!

It’s been a tremendously long time since the last post, again. Sadly enough we had to drop the game we were working on, it just wasn’t working out for us. We might pick it up sometime again, since there was already quite some work done.
We are however working on a new game, and progress on that is going steady! I hope we will be able to announce it soon and give you some work in progress screenshots!


Stay tuned!

Back in business!

Hey everyone!

After a long long break, filled with exams, vacations and starting college life, we finally got back to what we like doing the most: making a game. Said game is still the same game that we talked about six months (!!!!!) ago, about a week or two ago we picked up development and yesterday we had a huge breakthrough in development: instead of working independently at home we all came together and smashed together a decent part of the game-to-be. This is what our set up looked like:

Just your average developing equipment

As you might have noticed there are four laptops and a screen on that picture. The big screen showed our personal to-dolists and tweetdeck, and occasionally the latest build of the game.
The fourth laptop is there because we now have four members. Our new member will soon get a proper introduction as well as his own spot on the about page.

Coming together to work like this worked out really well in our eyes, and it’s probably going to be a weekly thing. That way we hope to be able to crank out games at a much faster rate!

If you are interested in us and the games we make, do not hesitate to follow and ask questions to @nuclearteddies

New music

Hey everybody!

Just wanted to let you guys know that we haven’t been doing nothing lately. I’m still working hard to improve my music making skills. So I made some new songs. All of them are of course on my newgrounds homepage. So if you want to listen to all my tracks go to: http://NuclearPositron.newgrounds.com/audio.

Leave some feedback, I’d really appreciate that. Or click play on the soundcloud player above to listen to one of them. It’s called “Race to the finish”. I think this is my best so far. I really like it! It is really full of energy. We might use it in the future for a game or an animation.

Stay tuned!

A new challenger appears!

Hey there somebody!

There has been an epic silence on this blog for a while, and I’m here to break it! You see, there are these things going on at school called “final exams” or something, and for some reason they are thwarting our game-making progress. The first one is just four days from now, so root for us!

So these exams, along with the fact that part of the team (me) is just lazy, caused that epic silence on the blog.

However! I’m here to show you that we’re not entirely slacking off! We have a brand new game in mind, and as soon as the hard exams are over, I’ll finally start helping positron out on the engine. Then somewhat later Devionna can start on the graphics as well, and then we’re all going on vacation. The timing is terrific.

But words aren’t interesting, so here’s a kewl image by Devionna and me!

No, it’s not an xBox game :( It’s a bat-eared game addict, and he’s neck-deep in trouble!

Also, Positron made a new tune. I haven’t heard it yet, so he should totally upload it! :)

Workshop today

Hey guys,

Today we went to a workshop. Because we won the contest with the Murder Paradox, we were offered a workshop for making an intro to show who we are, before letting the audience see our real movie at the finals. We think it went pretty well. The workshop was offered to all finalists, so we met a lot of them. We think we’ve made a pretty good intro movie. Normally, we animate everything that we do, but since the category is Movie & Animation, we had to film ourselfs and edit the footage. Although we’re not very good in editing video’s and creating video effects ‘n stuff, we made a pretty decent video. We couldn’t take it with us, because we didn’t have a usb flash drive, but the people of the workshop promised us they would send the video to us. When we have it, we will upload it, so you can have a look ;)

Next saturday, we’re going to the contest. We’ve seen some video’s (from the finalists who did upload it to youtube), and I can say one thing, the other finalists are pretty good. I certainly hope that we’re going to win, but chances are pretty slim. We’re the only ones that made an animation instead of a regular movie. I don’t know if that’s a bad or a good thing, but at least we’re unique :).

By the way, make sure to leave a comment. Tell us what you think about our games, movies, art and music. It really means a lot to us.

Lemonade Cow

BTW, not the cow at said party ;)

Hey guys,

I just made a new tune. It is inspired by a lemonade cow.

Prepare for happiness!

Listen @ Newgrounds

Murder Paradox on Youtube

Hey Guys,

I’ve just uploaded our animation to youtube. Here it is (if you haven’t already watched it on newgrounds).

And I also just wanted to say again that we’re very happy that we won the contest!

A teeny tiny post

Just a little post here, to share our joy with the world: We ended up first place in the regional rounds for the competition we talked about one post earlier!

You can watch the animation on Newgrounds, but please note the audio is slightly off-sync there :c  (my bad, it will get fixed soon!)
We will make sure to upload it to Youtube as well, Positron will take care of that. I’ m sure he will be so nice as to edit this post when he uploads it ;)

Also, a big ‘cheers’ to everyone else who competed ,whether they went home with or without prizes. We have seen some great singer/songwriters, bands, dancers and of course movies there!

The succeses of our first two releases in the big world sure are extremely motivating to us! Expect to see and hear much much more of us in the (near) future!

Competition tomorrow

Hey there world!

I want to start with the fact that we are utterly astonished by the amount of pageviews our blog is getting. We almost got over 5000 views in the last 3 days, 2800 of those were today, and it’s just 4 PM here (that means 10 more hours before the day ends). Thanks to everyone for taking a look here, it really boosts our enthusiasm even further.

Now that that’s out of the way, we have another announcement to make (we have said it before, but this time it deserves it’s own post). We have entered a Dutch competition called ‘de Kunstbende’. This is a competition for people aged 13-18, to show their talents. The contest has a new theme every year, and this time it’s ‘Illusion’. There are eight different categories, and we’re participating in ‘Film & Animation’.

a screenshot of our animation (and some random photoshopping, because we can).

This means that we had to made an animation with the theme ‘Illusion’, and we did! Our animation is called ‘the Murder Paradox’, and it’s theme is an everyday problem, a common illusion: “I’m worth nothing, everyone is looking at me and they’re all forming opinions against me”. It was animated and written by Devionna and Vadinci, and features some extraordinary music and soundeffects by Positron. Tomorrow we will have to present it in front of a crowd in a regional round. If we win this round, we’ll be starring in the national finales, competing against 12 others!

We will be uploading the animation to the interwebs tomorrow, maybe before or maybe after we went on stage. If we can find any acces to the internet there, we will keep everyone up to date with what’s happening via our twitter: @NuclearTeddies (which is also the best way to be informed about upcoming projects! )

Stay tuned!